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All About Us

KC Magazine is a digital publication created by Kingdom City Productions, a subsidiary of KCI Worldwide, Inc. Our mission is to establish an Inspirational/Christian-based media outlet emphasizing our black community. We aim to highlight those who represent God's Kingdom in all areas of life.

Launched in 2021, our online magazine covers national figures and events that uplift and promote positivity, wellness, and strength in God. We explore various topics such as current issues, music and the arts, entertainment, health/wellness, fashion, faith-based movements, and much more.

Our Editor-In-Chief, Anita Logan, majored in music media and has several years of experience in the arts, journalism, and music. Along with our Executive Team, Melanie Moore, Aleshia Redding, Wendi Richardson (Lead Correspondent), and our staff, KC Magazine is establishing its presence; creating a platform for the voice of the Kingdom in our world.

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